A Little About Beth

Beth began painting large oils in Woodstock, NY then continued painting while living in Paris, France with her husband and two daughters. During this period, she worked and painted with an international group of women artists. One of her oil paintings was selected to be exhibited in a show at the Grande Palais in Paris!

After returning to the U.S., Beth focused on clay sculptures and experimented in other mediums such as wax, plastic, papier-mache’, etc. Soon she was sculpting in stone under the tutelage of Nate Goldfarb, Don Saco, Marshall Boris, Leslie Door, Betsy Burt and Joan Hagen. Distinctive wood pieces evolved from driftwood collected during family sailing trips. These wood pieces have a special spirit that guides and often dictates what will be the finished work. Continuing full circle, after a series of workshops with Paul Lucchesi in Alexandria, Virginia, the creativity and flexibility of clay was reinforced.

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